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November 30th, 2018 was quite a day for all Alaskans, and for A&A, The Shop team members it was no different. At 8:07 AM we all experienced a 7.1 level earthquake shaking all of us to our core.

Afterward, it got us thinking about our customers and where they might have been during this scary time. Were they possibly in their car? Driving Somewhere?

Our team has spent a little time reviewing the situation and preparing for those instances where emergencies happen and what should be done to prepare for them. Below you will find a series of links that help guide you through circumstances to prepare. We will be adding to these over the next year, building a complete Preparation Guide. Check back for more!

What to do if you are in your car during an earthquake/emergency

Things to keep in your car for emergencies

FEMA how to prepare for an earthquake:

Alaska Earthquake Center:

Disaster preparedness kit:

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