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Subaru Ascent e1616092118427


This extra capacity vehicle helps you with transporting people and cargo. Proper inspections and regular maintenance will help with long life and reliability.
Subaru BRZ e1616092162702


This sporty vehicle is fun to drive and is unique to the brand. We don't normally see a lot of these in Anchorage, but when we do they are an eye catcher. 


The Subaru Crosstrek is a hearty vehicle for our region. Fun to drive and provides a little mix of sport and comfort. 
Subaru Forester 2015


One of the most recognized Subaru vehicles on the road, this is the modern workhorse. Bring yours in today and we can help keep it running for years to come. 
Subaru Impreza


Driven by many of our younger customers, this compact vehicle is reliable and fuel-efficient. Routine maintenance is key to maximize mileage.
A and A the Shop Independent Subaru Legacy Repair Service


As one of Subaru's flagship models, this vehicle has survived over 30 years in the market and continues to be one of our customers most popular models.
A and A the Shop Independent Subaru Outback Repair Service


Another one of the most popular of the brand, this car is a workhorse that just won't quit.  Proper inspections and regular maintenance will prevent problems and reduce the need for head gasket replacements. 


This compact sport utility has been recognized in the racing world as a rally car with a heart of passion. Our WRX/STI customers love their car and we love to help keep them on the road and driving in style. 


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