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When should I change my oil?

Engine oil keeps everything in your Subaru's engine moving smoothly. Keeping your engine oil clean is vital to your engine’s performance. It’s just as important as filling your vehicle with gas because if the oil runs out, your engine won't run and your vehicle can’t get you where you need to go.  Think of oil changes as an investment because regular oil servicing keeps the engine healthy and enables it to provide many miles of trouble-free motoring.

Many vehicle manufacturers used to recommend replacing your oil every 3,000 miles especially in extreme weather environments like Alaska. This has changed in recent years and extended oil changes have become the norm.  While lubricants have become better, especially synthetic oils, we still recommend changing your oil frequently, around 4,000 miles especially in extreme service climates.  Engine oil lubricates and protects your engine’s internal components by reducing friction between the moving parts. It also carries away dirt and metal particles which are trapped in the filter, keeping the engine clean and free from contaminants.

An oil change is particularly important if you have long intervals between each service or if the mileage on your engine is very high. If you notice dirty or extra black oil on your dip stick when you check your oil, or if you are not sure how long it has been since your last oil service, come visit us at A&A The Shop.  Our engine oil experts can recommend the right oil service for your Subaru.

Having a clean oil filter for your engine is just as important as having clean oil. The filter cleans the oil as it passes through, collecting debris and stopping it from slugging up the engine. The filter fills with this sludge and should be changed with every oil change.

At A&A The Shop we ensure your engine will receive the highest quality oil, suited for our Alaskan climate that will help keep your engine running in peak condition. While regular standard engine oil is perfectly adequate for most Subaru’s, synthetic oil is required for some of the later model Subarus and offers many advantages. It is engineered to exceed the capabilities of mineral oil, and the manufacturer’s standards.

For Alaskans, advantages are that synthetic oils remain fluid at lower temperatures, where standard oils thicken when it gets cold.  Synthetic oil can also remain stable at higher temperatures. Standard motor oil starts to break down when it gets very hot, whereas synthetic does not. This means that synthetic oil provides optimum lubrication in a larger temperature range, reducing wear for cleaner and more efficient engine operation for your Subaru.  Ideal for Alaska.

The proper disposal of old engine oil is an ecological responsibility that A&A The Shop takes very seriously. Oil is a necessity in order for your Subaru to work properly but it can also be very harmful to the environment if not handled properly. That means that all of the used oil we collect has to be disposed of responsibly in order to maintain our beautiful state.  A&A The Shop recycles oil to heat our shop facility.  In fact 100% of our shop heat is from used oil.  Any that is left over is recycled. We work with a city-licensed oil collector who processes industrial waste but also uses our oil for state wide projects so that nothing goes to waste. We take our responsibility very seriously and this is just one way we help to protect our environment.  Make sure to visit A&A The Shop regularly for an environmentally safe, professional oil changes.

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