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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostics in Anchorage, AK

From the On-Board Diagnostic System of your vehicle, to the state-of-the-art equipment in our shop, AND our highly skilled ASE Certified Technicians, your vehicle will received the best diagnostics and repairs available on the face of the planet. When you bring your vehicle to A&A The Shop, you can rest assured that, no matter what problem your vehicle is experiencing, we have the right equipment and highly qualified personnel to meet all of today's auto repair and maintenance requirements.

The On-Board Diagnostic System of Your Vehicle

If your vehicle was manufactured in the United State sometime after 1995, it has an updated On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) system. Our automobiles today have computers and electronic components that can control everything from your vehicle's radio to its engine. Certain automobiles even have global positioning integrated into their systems.

The OBD II, is an invaluable tool that gives our ASE Certified Technicians the ability to perform quick inspections and accurate diagnostics for quality repairs by interpreting engine diagnostic codes. The OBD II provides an efficient means of keeping the vehicle in good working order.

A&A The Shop's highly trained technicians have the skill and experience to interpret these codes and perform all maintenance and repairs accurately and professionally.

State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment at A&A The Shop

You can trust that A&A The Shop acquires and maintains top-of-the-line tools and equipment to assist our technicians with inspection and diagnosis for repairing your vehicle problems quickly and efficiently. We invite you to come visit our auto repair shop and take a look around. Our well-equipped shop is clean and environmentally friendly, and we are committed to giving you the fast and affordable repairs you expect and deserve.

ASE Certified Technicians in Anchorage, AK

Today's technicians must receive high-tech, up-to-date training to keep up with these high-tech systems, and as alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more popular, technicians must learn how to perform maintenance and repairs like never before. Our technicians are diagnostic experts with years of experience and up-to-date training. At A&A The Shop, our technicians go through rigorous training in both automotive repairs and maintenance but also to excel in great customer service. We stand by our technicians 100% and guarantee our work completely to your satisfaction.

Diagnosing the Cause of Vehicle Vibration

Have you ever felt a "vibration" when you are driving down the road? There are several causes of vehicular vibrations: improper tire pressure, tire/wheel imbalance or even a drive-line issue. Whatever the cause, vibrations are annoying and can cause other safety problems. Your fuel efficiency, or other unrelated systems can be affected by any of these vibration problems. Take your Subaru to A&A The Shop and let our experienced technicians diagnose the source of the problem with your vehicle. Whatever the problem, you can trust that A&A The Shop can find it and fix it.

Diagnosing Electrical Problems

Usually, if there is an electrical issue with your vehicle, it involves either an incorrect voltage problem or a continuous circuit problem. If your car won't start or takes too long to start, A&A The Shop's state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment can pinpoint exactly where the electrical problem might be. Our technicians are electrical experts on everything from replacing a simple fuse to cleaning up or replacing your battery. Our ASE Certified technicians know how to troubleshoot vehicle electrical problems and we have the experience and the most up-to-date training to keep your car or truck running properly.

Vehicle Odd Smell Diagnosis

Have a strange smell coming from your vehicle? It could be some type of fume – like gas or some other thing. Some fumes can be dangerous if they are inhaled, and they most definitely can indicate a serious problem with your vehicle, like an overheated engine or arching wires. A&A The Shop's ASE Certified technicians can troubleshoot and repair all of these issues right here locally in Anchorage, AK. Give us a call today so that we can diagnose the problem and fix it before it becomes an expensive, major repair.

Diagnostics for Strange Noises

Clattering, squealing, or even a loud or obnoxious noises coming from your vehicle can make one very anxious. A&A The Shop's diagnostic experts can troubleshoot the strange noise problem in your vehicle and fix it before it becomes really obnoxious and expensive to repair. Whether it is a problem with your vehicle's belts, brakes, coolant or tires, A&A The Shop can help. As you put miles on your car or truck, there are many parts and systems that can become loose or wear out. Trust your automotive diagnosis, repairs, service and maintenance to A&A The Shop's experts. We can find the source of those strange sounds and quickly fix your Subaru to get you driving safely back on the road.

Experts in trouble-shooting and repairing in Anchorage, AK

Wouldn't it be nice if your vehicle always behaved the way you want it to. But automobiles are pieces and parts of an automotive puzzle of systems which makes our lives easier and more manageable. Your engine may stall or it won't start at all. Maybe the brakes start squealing or the "check engine" light decides to illuminate. These days it is rare, but sometimes an engine might spew out clouds of smoke or some foul exhaust odor. A&A The Shop's ASE Certified technicians the diagnostic experts can fix whatever bad behavior your vehicle might be giving you today. A&A The Shop's technicians expertly diagnose, and then expertly repair, whatever it is that is making your car act up. Call A&A The Shop in Anchorage, AK for all of your diagnostic and auto repair needs.

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